What You Didn’t Know About Your Ruby Jewellery?

The ruby encloses the brilliant red of the clouds of evening. – Charles Blanc

Come July, and the tantalising red hues of ruby jewellery spread its magic. There are only a few things in life worth enticing and Ruby is definitely one. With its romantic, bold and glamorous impact, ruby’s crimson hues with a tint of purple and fiery sparkle, one can never say no to this precious gemstone. The love of July Babies, this birthstone comes with its obvious beauty and is definitely a fitting bridal choice too.

We thought to take you overboard and fill your day with some magical Ruby Moments. Only the lucky ones get to see and wear the impeccable beauty of Ruby jewellery. So, why not? A virtual tour would do:

Ruby at a Glance

Colour – Red

Mineral – Corundum

Hardness – 9 Mohs Scale

Birthstone Month – July

Source – Myanmar & Africa

Myths & Legend

Among the populous myths and legends, it was believed that Ruby is a symbolism of health, wealth, power and protection. Being said to be the “Stone of Kings”, Ruby is all about beauty and wisdom.

The ingenious red and deep hues of Ruby make it a stone for everlasting love. Hindus believe that they could attain rebirth as royalty if rubies are offered to Lord Krishna. In China, the colour tone of ruby on the finger decides the rank of a Mandarin. There are multitudes of stories and myths associated with Ruby knitted into some untold tales.

Modern History

From the mineral corundum, this captivating colour of ruby strictly is an epitome of enchantment and love. Just like red roses and hearts, it is another quintessential gift for Valentine’s Day. The rare and gorgeous Ruby is extracted from places like Myanmar and Africa.

Rubies today are even more valuable and rare than the colourless diamonds. From the Royals to Celebs like Jessica Simpson, Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria, showed some real love for this gorgeous stone.

Rubies That Got Famous

Truly said, jewellery that has the power to mesmerise you linger for long. Ruby is one gemstone that didn’t stop wooing us till date. These works of art wore famous hats and still take our frenzy should be reminisced. Let’s open the pages:

Elizabeth Taylor’s Cartier Ruby necklace was a piece of wonder. The diamond gifted by Mike Todd to his beautiful wife was a circular and baguette cut diamond lacework bib. The beauty made many lost for words and finally auctioned in 2011 for $115,932,000. It made history being one of the most valuable jewellery auctions in the history.

Another glory that shines breathtakingly on Queen’s Elizabeth is an impressive Boucher on Ruby set Belle Epoque necklace. Another marvel designed in Edwardian style, it truly boasts of remarkable royalty.

There are not one but many Rubies that has inherited a name or two for them. From Elizabeth Taylor’s pigeon blood Ruby ring to Queen Ingrid’s Ruby Tiara, the long lost Rubies can never go out from people’s mind. Such is the impact!

Style Tips

When the world is talked about, how can we miss the essentials? How to style your Ruby? So, here you go.

When donning ruby jewellery don’t get mistaken to go overboard unless it is the outfit need. A ring, necklace or a pair of earring- go for statement Ruby jewellery as it will highlight your look as a whole.

A ruby bling incorporates red and luxurious spots to black outfits especially a black suit or an LBD for that matter. The brilliance with which it accentuates is unbeatable. No wonder, Victoria Beckham’s red outfit and matching ruby jewellery was a piece of many conversations.

For special affair pulling a complete Ruby set with matching earrings, necklace and bracelet is not a bad idea though. It can go perfectly with some outfits and of course the occasion.

To wrap it up, yes Ruby is everything to add a red sparkle to your rather mundane life. Summer is upon us and rubies are waiting to sprinkle their shine.

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