What you probably didn’t know about caring for jewellery

We all want to help our jewellery to look like new for as long as possible, whether we've paid a fortune for it or not. While you probably know some great ways to clean your jewellery, there are a few things you may not know about keeping it sparkling.

Beyond the obvious care instructions, you may be surprised at these tips that can help you maintain the look and quality of your jewellery. You don't need to spend a fortune to keep your pieces looking lovely, just follow these five steps:

Avoid perfume

Do you wait until you're completely ready before spraying your chosen perfume? If this is the case, you definitely want to consider changing up your routine.

Putting your jewellery on and then spraying perfume can actually damage it. The chemicals in your perfume – such as alcohol – can strip the finish from the metal and damage any gemstones.

This can leave your jewellery looking older and more prone to scratches. The metal can also wear down, leaving gems at risk as fittings can become looser. 

Rather than putting your jewellery on and then having a spritz, use your perfume first and allow at least ten minutes before spraying your scent. This will allow the alcohol to dissipate and the fragrance to dry on your skin, minimising the amount that transfers to your jewellery.

Don't clean silver, wear it

We all know that jewellery needs a clean every now and then to keep it looking shiny and new. However, this isn't the case with silver jewellery.

If you have solid silver or silver plated jewellery, simply wearing it can help it to look better. This is because the oils on your skin will help to clean it better than any detergent can. 

Regularly wearing your silver jewellery will keep it looking good, while simply popping on a piece that you haven't worn in a while over the course of a few days can soon have it looking like new.

Avoid direct sunlight

There's a reason we have jewellery boxes when it comes to storing our pieces. Not only do they provide a safe storage space, they also help your jewellery avoid direct sunlight.

Leaving jewellery in direct sunlight for extended periods of time can actually change its appearance, ageing it quite quickly. 

Certain gemstones can actually have their colour altered by sunlight, bleaching out the pretty shade you chose in the first place. This is a permanent change, meaning your jewellery will never look the same.

Jewellery that contains fabrics or other embellishments – such as leather – can also fade if stored in direct sunlight, while some may also become weaker over time.

The best thing to do is to store all jewellery away from sunlight, as this will ensure your collection stays looking its best for as long as possible. 

Avoid household chemicals

It is a good idea to take off jewellery when you're going swimming, having a bath or shower, or doing housework. This is because of chemicals found in cosmetics and cleaning products, as well as chlorine in swimming pools. 

These chemicals can wear down finishes, scratch metals and build up on gemstones. While regular cleaning can help with some issues associated with chemicals and jewellery, you cannot get rid of some discolouration or improve the strength of pieces that have been affected.

This is why it is a good idea to remove jewellery when you can to avoid direct contact with potentially-harmful chemicals.   

What jewellery care tips do you make use of? 

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