What’s in our Beauty Buyer’s bag?

Ever wondered what beauty guru’s carry around with them in their handbag? We caught up with Julie, TJC’s knowledgable beauty buyer for an exclusive sneaky peek on what she carries around in her handbag on a daily basis! Keep reading for the inside scoop on what to expect on TJC very soon! 

Hey Julie, what’s your role here at TJC?
I’m TJC’s new beauty buyer!

What does your role as a beauty buyer actually entail?
As a beauty buyer, I’m responsible for sourcing and purchasing beauty and beauty products and accessories which will then be sold on the TJC channel and website, for all our lovely customers to enjoy.

So, what’s your favourite part of your job?
I love every part of my job, but if I had to pinpoint specific details it would be sourcing products. I love when I’ve been researching different products to bring to our customers and finally get a new product that I know they will love and the product sells really well, it’s quite rewarding. I also get to go on quite a few buying trips which means I get to travel to different countires, which is a great part of my job.  I just came back from India, where my team and I sourced some fabulous new things that our customers can expect to come on TJC very soon!

What beauty items do your love and use yourself from TJC?
I absolutely love Dead Sea Spa Magik products, especially the salt scrub and their hand cream, as they’re so kind on the skin. Other than skin products, I am forever using our Mavala nail varnishes, because they are just such good quality, and the emery boards, they are the best! They are flexible which means they move according to the shape of your nail, keeping them healthy unlike a lot of emery boards which can make the nail brittle causing them to break. In my handbag I also carry around a pair of Rubies Tweezers, they’re coming soon to TJC, so watch this space!

Are there any new items our customers should be looking forward to coming soon to TJC?
Well, as I said, we have some new tweezers which are great for achieving a precise eyebrow shape and getting those ‘hard to get’ hairs. These will be on TJC in the very near future!  Apart from that, you’ll have to wait and see, but I promise our customers will love our new beauty products as much as I do!

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