What’s Laura been up to?

What’s Laura been up to? Now we all know that the lovely Laura Schofield is a busy lady and has always got something on the go, but we asked her for a little bit of an exclusive… 

Hello lovelies,

Laura here! Did you manage to grab one of our fabulous Jewellery Channel tiaras? My auntie and I rocked ours at a ball in Cardiff last week, while supporting a very important cause that’s close to my heart…

Back in December 2011 my gorgeous Auntie Michele was told that she had Breast Cancer. I’m sure you’ve had a friend or family member who’s been diagnosed with the disease, or even received the devastating diagnosis yourself. You’ve felt the seismic shockwaves and had the “I thought Cancer was something that happened to other people” thought.

Laura and MicMy auntie Mic found her source of support through an online forum run by Breast Cancer Care, and connected with a group of women who had all been diagnosed in December (and would come to call themselves “The December Darlings”). They shared stories of chemo together, posted photos of bald heads, compared notes on snotty noses, and supported one another when two members of the group tragically lost their fight against the disease.

Michele considers herself one of the “lucky” ones. Now in recovery, she’s like the old Michele, only a million times more confident, outgoing and downright beautiful. I’ve seen how Cancer has tried to break her, and I’ve seen her tell it where to shove it.

groupLast week Cardiff was lit up pink to welcome in the Breast Cancer Care Ball, with cancer survivors and those still battling the disease rocking the fashion runway in front of an adoring crowd of friends and family. This was a night of celebration, but also a reminder that much more is needed to be raised in order to give women (and sometimes men) the support and care they so need.

Our self-imposed pink dress code was complimented perfectly by our sparkling Jewellery Channel tiaras, which the “December Darlings” also wore for a bucket collection that raised nearly £300 for Breast Cancer Care.

If you’d like to donate to Breast Cancer Care, follow this link. (And check your boobs please ladies, it’s important!)

L xx

4 thoughts on “What’s Laura been up to?

  1. Ah Laura you are not just lovely on the outside but on the inside too. Well done you for supporting your auntie and a very worthwhile cause.
    I lost my mum 12 years ago to breast cancer, she was my best friend and I miss her every single day.
    You always make me smile and even laugh out loud when you’re on TJC
    Love, Lindseyx

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