What’s so hot about these Shamballa Bracelets?

Shamballa for only £12.95

They are literally flying off the wall, thousands upon thousands of these exquisite bracelets dissapearing off the retailers floors onto the wrists of hip, fashion conscious trend setters. So the question has to be asked, what is so hot about this seemingly simple and understated wrist ware? Firstly, the celebs are eating them up and showcasing a plethora of different chic looks. Fans of Big Brother will only know too well that Maisy James, Faye Palmer and Tashie Jackson are about to set their ambitions on designing a range for public consummation. Five words girls – Leave it to the professionals. TJC may not be shifting €10k Shamballa bracelets…yes, we are not dangling the proverbial fib…it’s true.

Take a look at Zimnan Ziyard, winner of the European Poker Tour in Greece…who not only walked away with €347 000,…forget that…he grabbed a Shamballa Bracelet worth a whopping €10k. Whose the King of the castle now? The fact is these accessories are contemporary, hot off the press…and there always seems to be a new A-list icon setting the red carpet alight with his/her own unique Shamballa Bracelet. Maybe that’s what makes them so hot! The personal aspect in that there seems to be one for every type of sparkling and not so sparkling personality. Shopping for Shamballa has never been this easy!



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