Which Bracelet Is For You?

Accenting your arms is delectable. And therefore, once in a blue moon, this question pops up your wary mind? So many bracelet options, only two wrists, not fair.

Lately, the charm of bracelets has met with an endearing response. After all, some jangling bangles bringing the harmony or a delicate chain with a pretty diamond or two encapsulating the unblemished effervescence is a treat. It’s surreal, in every way.

From such a wide pool of bracelet styles, getting each one of it in your jewellery collection will cost you an arm and a leg. We think sticking with some styles apt for the different occasion would simply whet your gloat in the right way.

When you pick bracelet, or for that matter any kind of jewellery, zillion of question pops up in your head- when/where will you wear it and with what clothing? And for all the sake, it is great to uprightly go and ask yourself. Therefore, there should be some must have bracelet styles in your wardrobe that will get you covered for almost every occasion.

So, let’s get to the road.

Daily humdrum

This is insightful yet very important. The jewellery that we wear for most 9 to 5 hours is what is worn most often. So, being catchy yet not overdone is the key. Being in a professional job, it’s crucial to look presentable across Monday to Friday.


Office wardrobe is never chunky and therefore one should take the cues from there. Opt for chain bracelets or even a diamond tennis bracelet. Remember keeping it bare minimum will suit your style. On other days, you may also add a bangle or two but subtly. Office hours could really create the hindrance when you are working on the keyboard or picking some instruments for that matter. You don’t want the obstacle to intervene your work.

Weekend is for Fun

The weekend brings its own set of style goals. With no false eyes to judge, no restrictions, flaunt your fashion flair like a boss. As one want to unroll during the weekend, pull out loads of personality for your Saturday and Sunday. Planning to shop with girls? Bracelet stacking would be a great idea. Isn’t it? Also, one can effortlessly put up with bracelet stacking but with unity in the metal colour or slightly twist the hues. When doing a stack, look for different sizes and weights of the bracelets.

For dinner plans?  A gorgeous charm bracelet adds the traditional yet takes you back to some memories. Some bangles and chains on your wrist ideally transcend a blah-to-brunch worthy look.

Date night we see

Now here comes that night. Plentiful of butterflies would have been fluttering but adorning the quintessential classy look is the need of the hour. Date night seeks inspiration from turning up a timeless classic yet contemporary bracelet. It could be the magic of that trinket to turn up the bling games. Hitting the dance floor? Update the glitz and glam of diamonds for amping up the shine.

tennis bracelet

A diamond tennis bracelet with jeans and a silk top probably would invite the eyes of almost everyone. There is no bad in teaming some charm bracelets too.

Those Special Occasions

For one, date night is one VERY SPECIAL OCCASION. But there are some other important occasions too. A wedding to attend, a party to make a presence to, or an event to look your best, you got to take your heels almost everywhere. Take the ball in your court by teaming a statement look. A gorgeous timeless cuff flanked with a large gemstone or a string of pearls. It complements like a star.

pearl bracelet

We say antique jewels are the way to dress up your night with.

So, don’t act meek with your style. Bring the voice it has to exude and what better than a tinge of bling and accessorising of bracelets.

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