Why Personalised Jewellery is Best for This Gifting Season

The most beautiful and merry season of the year is finally here. With the beginning of fall, we all can sense the magic of this beautiful festive season. Festive seasons are incomplete without gifts. Making a list of gifts, shopping the gifts, sending those gifts to your favourite people, these all tasks are the thrill of this gifting season. Gifts are the best way to shower your love and affection to your loved ones. Picking a perfect gift is something that requires a lot of thought and planning. You can find millions of gifts in the market but finding a perfect gift is a difficult task.

What is a Perfect Gift?

What could be perfect or best gift for a person to whom you are buying it? Answer to this question is very simple. The perfect gift is something that carries a personalised feature of someone to whom you are planning to gift it. Yes, a personalised gift can be the perfect gift for anyone as it carries a personal touch that will make them feel loved.
You can get many things personalised, be it a photo frame or a coffee mug, but why to go basic when we are offering you more beautiful, more special, and more thoughtful personalised gift in the form of Personalised Jewellery.

What is Personalised Jewellery?

Engraving a beautiful message, initials of the person, special quote, embellishing lucky stone or birthstone will convert a piece of simple jewellery into a very special Personalised Jewellery. Personalised jewellery is a work of art in which you try to inculcate the momento of your loved one.

Personalised Jewellery Gift

TJC'S valuable collection of Personalised Jewellery

Create unique personalised jewellery items with TJC’s personalised jewellery collection. We value the love and affection attached to the gift and thus to celebrate your relationship and love, we have picked the thoughtful jewellery items to offer you for personalisation.

What you can choose while Personalising Jewellery?

  • Plating Type
    Whether you are a fan of trendy and stylish rose gold or you want to go with classic yellow gold or you are looking for a more refined platinum, we give you all the options to overlay your silver jewellery with your favourite metal plating.
  • Size
    You can also customise the size of the bracelet, ring, and chain that you are picking for personalisation
  • Birthstone
    Gifting a lucky stone or birthstone is one of the most thoughtful gift. You can personalise the bracelet or pendant by getting a glittering birthstone studded to it. We offer you 12 birthstone for every month and Zodiac signs.
  • Font Style
    You have all the freedom to select your favourite font style to be engraved on the piece of jewellery. Your desired font style will make the jewellery more special.

What designs you can get engraved with us?

Initials- You can get the initials of your loved one engraved on the jewellery to beautifully personalise it

Symbols- Not only alphabets, but you can also get symbols like @, #, $, %, ∧, &, ! and ∗ engraved on the jewellery

Numbers- Get the numbers that are special to you or the birth date, anniversary year engraved on the piece of jewellery

Special Messages- Personalise the inner or outer band of the ring or pendant by precisely engraving it with a beautiful quote or message 

Which Jewellery Items you can get personalised?

  • Band Rings

Band rings are known to be a promise of love or a symbol of a bond, personalise these band ring by engraving the inner or outer shank with a message

  • Signet Ring

If you are planning to personalise a jewellery for your men, then nothing can be better than an initial engraved signet ring

  • Necklace

You can personalise a minimalist design necklace with a beautiful message or a birthstone

  • Pendant

We offer you cute and beautiful pendants in designs like Cross, Locket, Memorial Pendant that will allow you to get it engraved with a quote and birthstone and make it memorable

  • Memorial Bangle

Cherish the memories of someone special by personalising a memorial bangle with a heartfelt quote

  • Bracelet

Add the shimmer of beautiful birthstones and lovely messages or initials on our gorgeous bracelets


We know how valuable are gifts and to add more value to them and create something thoughtful out of them. We offer the most thoughtful personalised jewellery at the best deal you will find. We have curated our special personalised collection of jewellery that will always be close to the heart of the person for whom you are picking this gift.

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