A Wig Buying Guide- World of Wigs for Women!

Right at this moment, hair extensions and wigs for women are having some of the significant moments in the beauty industry! From the red carpet to the glam world, the use of extensions or dramatic has been profoundly increasing every day. I have had some great fun hosting the wigs shows for TJC over the past couple of years, and although they aren’t on the air at the moment, we currently have an extensive range on our website. Read further to understand the need and types: 


The use of wigs for women? 

So many ladies are turning to try wigs and hair extensions, it can be for a variety of reasons. Sadly some people are losing their hair due to intense medical treatments, alopecia, pregnancy, menopause and stress. Others fancy a change but maybe don’t want to take the radical step of a cut, colour change or can’t wait for their hair to get longer. If this is you, then you may like to consider one of our easy wear wigs for women, and they live up to their name of being easy to cope with!


Wigs for women on TJC
Easy Wear Wigs: Nagaro – Light Gold Blonde


So, what are they made from? 

 Well, ours are synthetic wigs as opposed to real hair which makes them very affordable indeed. There are also many other advantages of using a synthetic wig for women. They hold their style all day unlike real hair (mainly mine), there’s no frizz or falling of style if they get wet, and they put you in control of your appearance. This can be particularly important if you are facing the stresses of severe health issues. We’ve heard from many viewers that they have helped increase their self-esteem and confidence following hair loss and allowed them to feel less self-conscious. 

I think that the quality of synthetic hair has advanced massively in recent years, and it is hard to tell the difference. I have worn one around the TJC office on a few occasions before a show, and the compliments from my colleagues have been amazing. Some thought I’d had my hair cut, because I wore one the same colour as mine, and others complimented me on how thick and glossy it looked. I enjoyed trying the various styles, and it was amazing to have long hair instantly; the sort of hair I have always dreamt of having! I also learnt how blonde didn’t suit me because I’m far too pale.

On a more serious note though, we had a lovely guest model called Cheryl, who was undergoing chemotherapy at the time and she gave some great advice to the viewers. Firstly she suggested that if you are facing invasive medical treatment, it’s a good idea to buy a wig before you become poorly. That way, you are feeling better in yourself and more up for the challenge of seeing what works for you. Also, it means that when you do experience hair loss, the wig is there all ready for you to use, and it may not feel such a big step to take. She also said, very bravely, that wearing a wig enabled her not to focus on her illness but on living her life. I’m pleased to announce that her treatment is now over and she is in recovery. Cheryl was also staggered by our prices which range up to £59.99. She had paid well over £300 for her synthetic wig!

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So, how do you put on your wig? 

 Well, it can depend on whether you have hair or not. Lots of people prefer to use a wig cap which we sell in packs of two online. The advantages of a wig cap are that you can put hairpins directly into the cap and keep them away from your scalp. Also if you need to hide all your hair under one, then this is the quickest way of doing so. I felt very secure in the one I used. They give some structure for the wig to sit against, and the only downside is that you may find them too hot. Once the cap is on, then place the wig on from the front and pull it down from the back. Ours are all adjustable on both sides with Velcro straps so you can secure them to the size of your head. They are woven onto a lace type skull cap, and because there are so many hair fibres, you can’t see through to the cap itself. The partings are very natural, looking too.  


Taking care of a wig: 

Well, it is so easy. Since their styles have been heat fixed to last, you shouldn’t have to ever restyle them and indeed shouldn’t use heated appliances on them anyway. If you want to put cold rollers in them, that’s not a problem though. They can take some backcombing for volume, and of course, you can tailor them to your length by cutting them. I know that most hairdressers are happy to cut wigs for women to suit the face and that’s what our hairdresser did for me on our show. The great thing is that you only have to pay to have them cut and styled once! When it comes to cleaning them, it’s effortless. Wash them in a bowl or sink with a mild or baby shampoo. Swirl the wig around for a few minutes and then rinse. Afterwards, gently press a towel on it and leave it to air dry perhaps over a showerhead. Once dry, you will be amazed at how it will go back to its original shape. I wish my hair did this; it would save me a lot of time in the morning!


When it comes to our wigs, they all come with a hangtag attached. So, if you need to return them make sure this isn’t removed, and that you place the wig back in the net and box before sending back. It’s also a right way of storing them too.  


Take a look at our range of wigs for women, available in various styles and colours, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the prices! Above all, I hope that you enjoy the experience of choosing a wig and experience some wonderful comments when you wear it out.

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