Winter Beauty Must-Haves

3 Areas Covered!

As much as I like living in a country that has proper seasons, I don’t particularly like the harsh sudden change into winter and what it does to my skin. Half the battle is being prepared and having the right products to protect yourself from the start. They say prevention is better than cure and I believe that to be so true.


My hands are usually the first part of me to show the ravages of the cold and being a presenter I always try to counteract this. They key, apart from wearing gloves outside, is moisturizing them. In the past I’ve stuck to one hand cream on the high street that’s unfragranced and quite boring. However we have some amazing alternatives here at TJC.

Beauty Products Set of 3x40g Hand Creams Coconut, Olive and Argan

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These are my current new favourite ones! They are fine on my sensitive skin, with a natural, not overpowering fragrance and the coconut one in particular is sublime.The important thing for me is that they are quickly absorbed and aren’t greasy. I can go on air straight after using them and not leave finger prints on the jewellery. The guys at work also use this range too. They also come in Rose Water, Jasmine & Jojoba fragrance which I intend to try next.

Dry , Rough Skin, Feet, Hands , Cuticles and Lips

If you want one product to do all of the above it’s here!

Alicia Douvall Argan Oil Multi Balm 100 gms 

Winter beauty must have

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I’m sure that a lot of our viewers will already be familiar with the Douvall’s range of Argan oil products. This balm provides a protective barrier that locks in moisture providing instant hydration for dry skin. It has been formulated using the nourishing properties of Argan oil concentrated down into a solid leak proof formula. This makes it easy to apply and to transport around too. It also come is a 30g size (2614532) which is perfect for the handbag, briefcase or desk drawer.

I started using it prior to the summer to help sort out the rough skin around my heels that had built up over the winter. It would have been better to have used it through the colder months too to have prevented the build up. Obviously it can be used on other areas of rough skin, i.e. elbows, knees etc. It’s also fabulous on lips and cuticles and if going for some winter sun or skiing , on sunburn too.

Just for the Guys

LOreal Men’s Expert Hydra Energetic Moisturiser 

Winter must haves for men

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It’s great that men are taking a far more positive approach to their skin regime than they did 10-20 years ago. LOreal are a market leader in skincare and this intense moisturiser for men is designed to fight tired looking skin. It is formulated to combat, dull, rough looking skin and offers 24 hour hydration. It is powered by vitamin C and Ox CP technology to help promote firmer and softer skin.

The great thing is that the range also contains various facial washes and shower gels to compliment your skin care regime.

So, say hello to a cheerful winter ahead with these winter beauty must-haves.

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