Winter makeup trends

With the cold weather not set to disappear anytime soon, the surefire signs of winter are still in the air. But rather than sit inside your home and hide until the sun comes out, make the most of this blustery season by embracing the trends that come with it.

Of course, as the seasons change, so do fashions; but this doesn’t just include clothes, shoes and accessories, because winter also brings about changes in beauty trends.

While the summer months give rise to soft, sun-kissed complexions and neutral shades, the cold weather leaves us reaching for bolder, deeper hues that complement the frosty climates.

Here are some of our favourite winter makeup trends that you can try at home:

Berry lip

Wave goodbye to the nude lip, because its vampier older sister has taken over the beauty scene: the berry lip.

Whether you choose to flaunt it in the day or evening, a berry-coloured lipstick suits all skin tones and will instantly bolden and dramatise your look. If you don’t normally go bold, tone down your eye makeup by simply wearing a coat of mascara or drawing on a subtle, winged liner flick.

White eyeliner

Gone are the days of thick black eyeliner and instead, more people are turning towards white in a bid to brighten their eyes and make them appear bigger.

Applying white eyeliner to your waterline or around the inner corners of your eye will present a subtle pop that works beautifully when contrasted with metallic silver or blue-toned eyeshadows.

Frosty highlighter

Strobing was a popular trend on the 2015 beauty chart and it’s not going away anytime soon. Delicately applying a frosty highlighter – either a liquid or powder version – along your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose will create a dewy effect that will make you glow as you move into the light.

Bold lashes

Tone down the smoky eye this season and instead, opt for bigger, bolder lashes. This can be achieved by applying lashings of mascara – be careful to layer the mascara without clumps forming – or by adding false stip or individual lashes.

However you choose to bolden your lashes, they’re sure to flutter and turn heads.

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