Winter Skincare Routine in 4 Quick Steps

Winters! As cosy, comfortable, and amazing they are, they have an opposite effect on the skin. Have you also felt that your radiant and glowing summer skin tends to lose moisture and elasticity during the cold, harsh months of the frosts? Well, you’re not alone; we’re all in the same boat! Winters do have a certain effect on the skin texture, but it’s not irreversible, thank God. There’s nothing a nice winter skincare routine can’t fix! So, here are the quick, simple, and easy steps that will make it easy peasy for you to have glowing skin all through winter months!


Step 1 – Cleanse!

Cleanser for winter skincare routine
Dead Sea Spa Magik Pro Cleanser 260ml

Cleansing, not only during winters, is of untold importance! It is imperative to unclog your pores and clean out the grime from your skin. The thick-consistency moisturizers and lotions used for the season seem to make the skin waxy. It’s important that you use the correct kind of cleanser to take care of that. The emphasis remains on “the correct kind.” You don’t want the kind of cleanser that dries out your skin, like many out there do. Try out this Cetuem pH cleanser that’s kind and easy on the skin. Also, remember that you must not leave your skin dry for more than 30 seconds after cleansing. Follow a nice, calm winter skincare routine, and immediately apply a nourishing toner to lock in the moisture, like this miracle-working purifying and hydrating toner by Urban Beauty.


Step 2 – Exfoliate!

Exfoliating mask for winter skincare routine
CETUEM- Exfoliating Mask 100ml- Paraben Free and Suitable For All Skin Types

It’s needless to say but skin tends to get flaky and dry in the colder months. While there is a thin line between gentle and over exfoliation, you need to be careful. Yes, admittedly, skin is a little sensitive during the harsher months, but if you see a sheen of dead skin, flaking off, then a gentle exfoliation routine is in order for sure. Make sure that you don’t use products that have a drying effect on the skin. For instance, this gentle face exfoliator and polish by Urban Veda has gained all the name for being just the one! It not only clears out the dead and pasty dead skin but also nourishes deeply. You must also check out the range by Foamie that brings you sponges with soaps inside, to help with total exfoliation in no time, without hassle.


Step 3 – Moisturize!

Moisturizer for winter skincare routine
Alicia Douvall- Argan Oil Moisturiser 50ml- 100% Organic and Chemical free

We can’t seem to emphasize enough the importance of moisturizing in your winter skincare routine. The indoor, centrally-heated air can dry out your skin quicker than you could imagine. It is needful that you switch your normal moisturizer with something thicker and consistent emollient. Oil-based smoothening lotions seem to do the trick nicely, especially if they’re enriched with Argan oil. Try out this Alicia Douvall’s Argan Oil Moisturizer that will lock in the hydration and keep your skin supple and fresh all through the day! Another helpful tip is to make sure that your moisturizer has a good SPF component. Even though it might not be sunny outside, the rays can still be harmful to the unprotected skin. It’s advisable to use good suncare when stepping out.


Step 4 – Hydrate In and Out!

rating bio oil for winter skincare routine
Skin Doctors: Bio Serum – 50ml

And finally, it is important to keep your skin hydrated. During winters, you don’t seem to realise how quickly your skin loses its radiance. The artificial air inside of the rooms sucks the water content from your skin at an astonishing rate. Over and on, you also drink lesser water in the colder months, subsequently reducing the water retention. This leads to pasty-looking skin. Therefore, it is very important that you keep drinking water in regular intervals, with intaking minimum 3.5 litres in a day. Other than that, never leave out your skin dry and unprotected. If your skin in on the oiler side of texture, opt for lighter based emollients. The application of facemasks is another rich and sage advice to opt for, in your winter skincare routine. Try this Ultima Hydrating Facemask that will bring out the radiance.


Bonus Tips for Winter Skincare Routine:

  1. When stepping out, always wear a scarf or a muffler, as it protects your skin from the harsh winds. A barrier of warmth prevents skin from directly hitting and harming sensitive skin.
  2. Buy products according to your skin type. Your winter skincare routine should be centric around the kind of skin you have – oily, dry, or patchy.
  3. If toner isn’t part of your winter skincare routine, add it now! However, make sure that it is free of alcohol. This Cetuem toner is one such suiting product worth a try.
  4. Do not use water that’s too hot or too cold. Always opt for lukewarm or room-temperature water.
  5. Overnight moisturizers are a big, whopping yes! Your skin easily retains the benefits if you leave the product overnight. This is where overnight moisturizers come in. This set of Merumaya Dry Skin Saviours is just what you need!

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