My Wonderful Experience with Doctors Formula Ampoules

I’ve recently started using the Doctor’s Formula Ampoules, and they are fabulous. They are branded as “skin innovation in a bottle”, and they certainly live up to this description!

I’ve been a fan of Doctor’s Formula products for a few years now, so when they brought out their own ampoules, I was very keen to try them. If you are looking for instant results with highly targeted concentrated ingredients, these little bottles are just what you need. They have a pre-measured dose, so there’s no waste, and the dosage is of high potency. There are four different ones in the range which you can swap around from day to day depending on what your skin needs. I really like this feature, particularly with our changing weather in this country and also with our busy lifestyles dictating a lot from our skin.

300-3008088_achieve-yellow-check-markFor example; if your skin is feeling tight and dry, then the “Hydrate Me” ampoules offer that all-important instant boost of hydration from the Panax Ginseng. Another ingredient is Perilla Ocymoides which is brilliant in maintaining the skin’s barrier to prevent against water loss. Of course, they are packed with moisturizing vitamins too.

300-3008088_achieve-yellow-check-markAlso in the range, we have the “Lift Me Up” ampoule targeting the fine lines and wrinkles with the use of Retinol and the fabulous hyaluronic acid which is known for its powerful anti-ageing properties.

300-3008088_achieve-yellow-check-markIf your skin is looking dull or is suffering from hyperpigmentation and age spots, then give the “Brighten Up” ones a try. Packed with antioxidants (Paeonia Veitchii) and skin lightening ingredient Sophora Flavescens you will be on your way to a firmer, smoother, more youthful-looking appearance.

300-3008088_achieve-yellow-check-markSomething to bear in mind during the change of seasons is the “Pick Me Up” ampoule.
This has a caviar extract in it which is known for its cell regeneration and anti-ageing properties. I’ll be using this one as we go into autumn I reckon!

All you need to do is shake the ampoule, use the stopper to snap the top off, then pour the liquid into your hand. Smooth it over your face, neck and décolleté to experience the turbocharged ingredients for your skin. A tip from Diane from Doctors Formula, a guest on my show recently, is to use half the ampoule then let it soak in for a few minutes then apply the rest.

What’s more, it fits into your normal skincare regime perfectly, and it’s 100 per cent cruelty-free and vegan friendly. So, get snapping those ampoules as soon as you can to experience their fantastic ingredients and results!

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