Your 10 must-pack items for any summer holiday

If you've booked your summer getaway, it's time to start thinking about all the things you're going to pack in your suitcase. While you might normally leave packing until the last minute, there's nothing better than being organised. After all, the last thing you want is to forget to pack something important.

So if you're wondering what essentials you'll need on holiday, here's the rundown:


A pair of sunglasses shouldn't be forgotten when you go away, since the sun's rays are bound to be shining bright. It is important, therefore, to protect your eyes from the light and of course, to do so in style.

Oversized sunnies channel the fashionable 60s era, while a pair of aviator shades will make you look retro chic.

Whichever style of sunglasses you pick, don't forget to carry them in a case to avoid them getting broken or scratched.


If you're going on a beach holiday, you can't travel without taking a few swimsuits, and with a plethora of styles and designs on the market, it's important to choose one to suit your shape.

For pear-shaped bodies, bikinis that come with high-waisted bottoms are perfect because they help to accentuate the smallest part of your body – your waist. Not just this, but they also mirror the style of fashion icons like Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot, helping you to achieve 1960s glamour.

If you're an apple-shaped body, you may prefer to wear a full swimsuit. Block colours like orange and purple are bang on-trend this season, while horizontal nautical-style stripes create a slimming effect.

For hourglass figures, a halterneck-style top will help to support your bust and emphasise your waist. To avoid your hips looking bigger, avoid horizontal stripes or chunky waistbands. Instead, opt for bikini bottoms with spaghetti strap sides.


Accessories on holiday are key, so you can't leave for the airport without packing some pieces of jewellery.

If you prefer to wear jewellery in the evening to glam up your look, our Statement Cuff Bangle has the real wow factor. Wear it with a white maxi dress to really let the triangular cut-out detailing steal the show.


As well as protecting your eyes from the sun, it's important to keep your head cool to avoid instances of dehydration or headache – and what better way than with a stylish hat?

Floppy hats are great for summer because the wide brim will keep your face cool and covered from the sun's rays.

Woven straw floppy hats come in a range of colours and designs, included striped, polka dot or complete with a bow.


A pair of sandals is an essential holiday item. Gladiator styles are in this season and work the Grecian trend to a tee.

Ensure your sandals fit properly too, since the last thing you want to get is blisters from your shoes rubbing in the heat.

Sun protection

Sun protection is an essential holiday beauty item. Choose suncream with a high SPF and apply every two to three hours when you're out in the sun to avoid sunburn.

Beach bag

You can't head to the beach without a bag, so make sure you take one with you. Medium or large-sized bags are best, as you'll be able to fit things like a towel, spare change of clothes, drink and pair of sunglasses.

Canvas tote bags are a good idea, as they're less likely to get ruined from the sand or any gravel. They're also easier to wash and come complete in a wide range of colours and prints.

Beach towel

Hotels and beaches don't always provide guests with towels, so it's a good idea to take your own. This way you can fold it up and pop it in your bag for when you're out and about in the day.

A book

While you'll probably be busy exploring and seeing the sights that your chosen destination has to offer, holidays are also about relaxing, so it's likely you'll want to lounge in the sun with your head stuck in a good book.

What's more, if your flight is delayed, reading a book in the airport is a nice way to pass the time while you wait to board.

Warmer clothing

Although the temperatures will be high during the day, they'll drop in the evening, so make sure you pack some warmer garments – such as a kimono, cardigan or palazzo trousers – for when you head out at night.

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