Your Love For Coloured Gemstones Says This About Your Personality

Whether it is your birthstone or not your birthstone at all but your love for coloured gemstones has to say a lot about your personality. No, no we are not in the mood to conduct any personality test. But again, there are so many things in a gem that can instantly draw your attention. The colour, cut or the name it has. It altogether manifests a lot about you.

So, come with us as we unveil some pretty secrets that you yourself don’t know about you.


Blessed with a fiery soul, you define this majestic gemstone likewise. Confident, go getter and risk-taker, people who love ruby are admired for their these personal qualities. We see you. Your sparkling persona is irresistible to miss.


Has someone ever called you a perfectionist? We don’t doubt as it is for real. If you share a heart for emeralds, you have an eye for details and come across as the problem solver in your circle.


It’s a crime if we not call you “social butterfly”. Your perky personality is the breath of fresh air and spread an energy in the aura. Much like the dazzling gemstone sapphire itself, you draw people towards with an endless wave of positivity.


Just like the pure and pristine nature of pearls, you possess a generous and helpful personality always working towards a cause. Pearl lovers are loyal and faithful with endless love for loved and dear ones.


As true the name is, people with abstract thoughts and imagination are amethyst enthusiasts. Patrons of amethyst have a penchant for creativity. Ambitious and luring for freedom, you have an open mind and hate to be restricted.


This colour defines you totally. You are the harbinger of sunshine and remain always happy. Going with your laborious and ambitious nature, money also tends to find its way to you. A robust belief system, you never wither away from your goals.


Peace seekers adore aquamarine for almost everything. Generally, it’s blue hue defines tranquillity and evenness. Associated with calmness and serenity, it’s quite easy to get along with aquamarine lovers.


Vibrant, energetic and curious by nature- yes, if you are attracted to peridot, you seem to fabricate these qualities. Your seamless radiance and joy is a guidance for people around.

So, hope this information has reflected well to your characteristics. If you are blown away by these coloured gemstones, don’t hesitate to welcome gemstone jewellery home.

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