Zodiac jewellery predictions for a jovial 2018!

It is true that we don’t always wear jewellery for purely aesthetic reasons. It also goes without saying that the placement and shifts of the planets ruling our horoscopes have a huge, denting effect on our future prospects and luck. Astrologers all over the world have made lengthy predictions of how this year will turn out to be, with great merit. Talks and mentions of lucky colours and gemstones seem to be in the air, at the joyous start of this year.


We do like to provide just about everything to you. Hence, we take on board our very credible sources and bring you a final and comprehensive list of the kind of jewellery you should be wearing to hoard lots of luck and happiness this celebratory 2018. So, gear up and keep your shopping cards ready!


As an honourable mention, we’d like to clarify that these predictions are for the Moon Signs and not the Sun Signs.




The hues suiting to this zodiac sign for 2018 seem to be the enchanting and captivating shades of fire. Therefore, the colours that you should be wearing are yellow or red. The enrapturing shades will extract the negativity out of your life and bring health and prosperity. Astro-gurus claim that the adornment of rings and necklaces studded with amethyst or red coral seem to be the harbinger of all the good luck there is. Find a glorious collection of various embellishments pieces placed with the said stones in our jewellery catalogue.





Taurus is considered as the second sign on the list. It is haughtily ruled by Venus and is denoted by the Earth symbol. The Earth sign indicates that this year, Taurus people will be grounded, powerful, and steady. And to bring in a more solid sense of positivity, the colours blue and green seem to be perfect. The people belonging to this sign should be wearing diamonds, emeralds, and coral this year, especially in the use of rings, to see the magic to bespoke luck unfurl. Find an enriching collection of various diamond rings, emerald necklaces, and coral bracelets in our celebrated jewellery range.





2018 for this particular Moon sign comes with the promises of an enhanced love life. Adoration seems to be in the air. The opportunist colours of the people belonging to this category are yellow and orange, which will bring a keen sense of comfort and warmth. The stone you should adorn is agate. The jewellery made with this stone will bring auspiciousness for all good deeds you have planned; you may find some brilliant pieces in our wide collection of covetable jewellery.







The said sign is considered to be the most insightful and emotionally vulnerable among all the other signs. Even though, the year 2018 promises gateways to opportunities and success. The colours for a lucky year are blue and silver, which also denote the water element of this sign. The stone that you should religiously wear is sapphire, as it comes with the opportunities for improved charm and balanced energy chakras.





Denoted by a ferocious Lion, Leo is considered to be amongst the most powerful and assertive signs among all the other Moon signs. This glorious year presents itself with delightfully open doors to a balanced life. 2018 for Leo brings auspiciousness and health. The colours symbolised lucky for this year are golden, red, and orange. The stones that will most definitely balance out the negative chakras in your aura are garnet and amber. So, wear rings, necklaces, and other jewellery studded with these gemstones.





Denoted by a virgin, this Moon sign establishes a pure and untouched personality, which is more earthly and grounded. Virgos are known to find joy in the simple and ordinary things. 2018 will be satisfactory for this sign. It is bound to bring a keen sense of altruistic peace and prosperity, too. The appreciated colours for Virgo are yellow and orange. So, Virgos should most definitely invest in purchasing yellow sapphire, as it attracts positivity.





The picture of balance seems to be all too fitting for Librans, this year. Librans are known for their enthusiastic love and thrive on a good debate, and they will only see the winning side this splendid year. With promises of harmony and shining positivity, 2018 is destined to be a good year. Just remember that wearing blue and green will make your days even more eventful much as your enigmatic charm. Furthermore, gemstones like sapphire, emerald, and diamond seem to be a fitting wear. In fact, you can have a look at our divine collection of Sapphire rings, Emerald Pendants, and Diamonds earrings to help you through.





Ruled by Mars, the people of Scorpio sign are relentless and dominant. The tenacious valour of this sign is ruled by the auspicious presence of colours like red and violet, for this cherishing year. 2018 will see a lot of soaring heights as well as plummeting lows. So, to keep Lady Luck close by your side, wear gemstones like red coral, yellow sapphire, and bloodstone. To make a wise mention, we do display a dazzling and enrapturing line of yellow sapphire jewellery at TJC.





People of this sign should brace themselves for a rapid and enthusiastic year ahead! Ruled by Jupiter, this adventurous year comes with a brigade of roaring opportunities. So, adorn the auspicious gemstones like yellow sapphire and turquoise. Also, keep in mind that the ruling earthly component of this sign is fire, therefore, colours like yellow and blue seem to bring a practical and balanced sense to your aura.





The dominant yet slow-moving planet Saturn rules the sign, and it shows in the predictions as well. The people belonging to Capricorn will strive for instantaneous changes in the looming stages of dredging lethargy. The year will bring some big changes, but at wide staccatos. The colours you should stick to for the year are dark and rich shades of red, black, and even brown. So, adorn stones like onyx, garnets, and emeralds for a luckier year.





Symbolized by a water-barrier, this sign is the most philanthropic sign among all the others. This godly year will see a lot of success but remember to share the wealth. Do indulge in rather charitable projects and donations to maintain a humble sense of modesty. Your lucky colours for the year 2018 are electric blue and grey. Wear stones such as sapphire, tanzanite, and diamonds to witness cherishing growth opportunities.





Pisces is symbolized by a fish and is ruled by the pure planet, Jupiter. Assertive dominance and hostile control seem to be some emerging traits in the sign for this year. While your brilliant intuitive and perceptive powers will help you climb the ladder of success with astonishing vigour. Keep close colours like sea green and aqua, of your own affinity, to maintain positivity and strength. Pisces are suggested to wear stones like turquoise and coral for a charming and delightful year.

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